#Trirockphilly Race Report RAP YO

The next stop of my swim bike run summer schedule was the city of brotherly love.

I headed to Philly with hopes of placing high enough to give me a real shot at racing for one of the biggest prize purses in triathlon at the 5150 grand final in Des Moines later in the year. Here’s how my race in Philly panned out.

Swim: 17:29


Bike: 58:29

T2: 0:59

Run: 35:04

Time: 1:52:51. 7th Overall.

After a 7th place finish, I’m in with a good shot at qualifying for Hy Vee in Des Moines and looking forward to heading up to Toronto Continental Cup on July 12.

A few huge shout outs have to be given. Firstly to Every Man Jack– Scrubbing race numbers off never smelt so good!

To Accelerate3– because you ALWAYS need to thank and promote your coach. OR ELSE.

Finally, to Kiley and Emily for having us to stay in Philadelphia and to everyone that was out on course yelling at me to go faster, including the clown with the megaphone up one of the climbs, it is always appreciated.


5150 Mont Tremblant #5150MT

My writing doesn’t do the beauty of the course justice. Instead, here are some photos and videos from Mont Tremblant, Canada 5150 with some commentary on my day.




Total time: 1:57:55

3rd Place



Myself, Cody Beals and Jack Laundry prior to the swim start. Roka Maverick Pro looking as good as ever.


Beach start into the beautiful clear waters in Mont Tremblant.

I found myself in the lead pack for the first few hundred meters but as is too often the case for me I ended up exiting the water and having to chase after losing time to the leaders.

I exited the water in 19:10 in a pack with Cody and Charles Brault. The long run up to T1 gave me a good indicator on how my legs were feeling and gave me a chance to make up a few seconds before what I knew would be a tough ride.

This was the story of the bike course for me. Cody and I riding together on a very hilly bike course chasing hard to try and gain some time into the three guys that were still up the road.


A snapped cable at the beginning of the second lap left me without the ability to shift into the big ring and hence saw my cadence skyrocket to 135+ on some of the downhill sections trying to keep contact with Cody before dismounting and heading out onto the run course.

Exiting T2 Cody and I had a minute to make up the pack up the road. We ran together for 6km before I was able to put a slight gap and make a pass of one of the runners up the road to move into 3rd. From there I ran scared for a while before settling in and trying to close the gap to second.

In the end, I ran out of time and crossed the line with the second fastest run split of the day in third place.

finish MT


To finish on the podium of my second pro race in a strong field is a sign that things are headed in the right direction. It is nice to have a good result to show my hard work is paying off, but I also understand there is a lot of work to be done. Next up for me is Tri-Rock Philadelphia in two weeks. I’m excited to get back to work and test myself against some of the best non drafting athletes in the world.

Some huge thanks must go out to Every Man Jack. Our team is doing some big things and it’s great to be able to share the success with everyone.

Also to Ironman Mont Tremblant, 5150MT is right at the top of the list of races to come back to. They did an awesome job promoting their athletes and organizing a beautiful and challenging course. Credit for the awesome photos goes to them. The complete album can be seen here.

Video credit goes to Adam Hayes who managed to get some serious training of his own while running around supporting us throughout the day.