Back to Work After a Long ‘Break’

The journey from couch potato to triathlete is something I have become all too accustomed to.  Breaking my foot  was the third major setback I have faced over the last two years. Quite frankly I think I have been to the hospital enough during that time span to satisfy me for the rest of my life. For this reason it’s easy to understand why people have been asking if it’s worth it. Why bother investing yourself in something that has been the source of so much frustration? Although I have been asked the question, I have never answered it with more than chuckle.

In my few years in the sport I have fallen in love with the raw competition of going head to head with someone at km 7 of the run to see who can dig the deepest. In that moment there is no hiding. You have either done the work, or you haven’t. You believe in yourself enough to make a move, or you don’t. There are no ifs, buts or maybes. Just you, them and the finish line. The confidence I have found in myself as an athlete has spilled into my personal life which helps explain why I refer to myself as the happiest man alive. I crave the happiness and confidence competition draws out of me and it inspires me to work hard and get back to competing at the highest levels.

Back on the bike.. Try to stop me from smiling

Back on the bike.. Try to stop me from smiling

Thankfully I have been given the all clear from my doctors to start working towards being an athlete again. Successfully knocking out three easy 20 minute rides on the trainer  has been hugely enjoyable and I am looking forward to getting back in the water tomorrow. After working my way back from tearing my calf earlier in the year, I have an understanding of what this is going to take. I have never quit anything in my life and I’m not about to start now. I am extremely thankful for the continuing help and support of my family and friends. The road is long and sometimes it’s under construction, but it leads somewhere worth going.

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My footrest and I. #notabadlookingfootrest