10 Things You Didn't Know About James Thorp

Gday! After returning from Miami and having a day off from training and school I found myself thinking about what I need to do to take the next step in triathlon. Having seen big gains in the water and on the bike by spending more time on it, I am even more determined to keep putting in the time I need to be at the front of the race early on. I am also seeing the benefits of learning from other athletes and what can seem like the smallest of changes in equipment can be the difference between finishing on or off the podium. For this reason I am dedicated to ensuring I am doing everything I can to make sure I have am doing the right things to give me all the advantage I can. I have also realised that although I see triathlon being a large part of my life in the future, there is also a lot more to me than just training and racing triathlon. I thought I would share some of them. Here are 10 things you didn't know about James Thorp.

1. I have lived in Australia, Texas, South Dakota and currently reside in Ohio. 

Born and Raised in Canberra Australia

I spent my freshman year learning to two step in Texas.

I then moved to South Dakota where I became a jackrabbit and made my first snow angel.

Now I am a rocket living the dream in glass city USA.

 2. I live with my girlfriend Bryna and our dog Finnegan. 

I have very good looking roommates.

3. I have a younger brother, Simon who is 19. 

He also thinks he is very good looking... and he's single, ladies.

4. I was an all conference division 1 college tennis player. 

The long bleached blonde hair was a tradition over spring break. It also ensured I was known as 'the hair guy' around campus.

5. I am currently the graduate assistant tennis coach for the University of Toledo Women's Team. 

The women of @rocket_w_tennis

6. I didn't own a bicycle between the ages of 10 and 21.

If you saw my first couple of races, this fact would have been apparent.

7. I am currently studying to obtain my masters degree in exercise science. 

I am currently working on writing the protocol for my study on Normatec recovery boots.

8. My favourite food is Mexican

Not advised before training or racing, but I have been known to make a mean guacamole.

9. My parents are my number one fans.

My Dad even went as far as to get a lucky hat made for my races.

10. My full name is George Henry James Thorp

I am often told that my name sounds like the name of a 16th century king. You can be the judge on that.