The Calm Before the Storm

G'day! Thought I would give a bit of an update on what's been going on in my life recently and my plans to bring 2013 to a close. Since Miami I have braved some interesting weather to continue my training towards Canberra 70.3. Some of the highlights include the first real snowfall of the year which was followed with ice that froze my car door shut so much that it would not budge. Having lived in South Dakota for three years you would think that I am used to such occurrences but this one was special. Granted it was dark, but from memory it looked something like this..

The other big weather event in the past few days was tornado like winds throughout the Midwest that caused severe damage around the Toledo area. Thankfully we managed to keep our power and avoid the damage. I had plans of finishing my 4 hour ride before the winds really picked up but when my bike almost turned into a kite I decided my time would be better spent indoors on the trainer. This is the last thing I remember seeing before turning around to come home....

Finally, after the big winds from that night, it was time for leaf pick up. Heading out to train became a task of navigating the huge leaf piles in the street. This photo was taken right outside our apartment.

Despite these small problems, my training has been going very well. In fact, I jumped into an 8km race with plans to do my main running set. I had planned on running with the leaders for my first interval then dropping back and completing my training on my own. It turns out I am too competitive for that and after running with the leaders for a while I decided to finish with them and won the 8km in a sprint finish in 26.44. 8km at 5.22 per mile. Not too bad for a training run.

8k 9:10 11/12/13 Results

The other piece of news is the addition to our family. Santa came early and delivered us another bike. Hopefully this bad boy will help me do some damage in some draft legal races next year. It's also nice to have a bike to be able to ride in groups and do some climbing with. This is the venge in all its glory.

With the new bike, some running success and lots of laps in the pool I am starting to get excited to race in my hometown of Canberra. An age group win would make it three from three this year and secure the world number 1 ranking for 18-24 year old males at the 70.3 distance. Despite this, I am feeling little pressure heading into the race and can't wait to have some fun and show what I can do. I haven't been back to Australia in two years so I am counting down the days. For any Aussies out there reading this, if you are around Canberra on December 15 get decked out in some Aussie gear and come down to Commonwealth Park to support. There will be some major talent on display and I'd love to see some familiar faces out as I go around.

More info on Canberra 70.3 can be found  here. Hooroo!