Back in the Swing of Things

This week was the first week I have followed a structured training plan since Canberra 70.3 in mid-December. Having that month off makes me appreciate how good it is to have some structure and direction in my training, more so as my training needs to fit around other personal commitments - classes and time on and off the tennis court as assistant coach to the University of Toledo women's team. I often pack several bags to allow me the flexibility to live out of my car all day, essential when my schedule looks something like:

7:00am-7:50am Tennis Team Conditioning

8:00am-9.15am Class

9.30am-10.45am Swim

12:00pm- 3:30pm Tennis Coaching/Practice Sessions

4:00pm-4:50pm Run

7:00pm- 8:00pm Tennis Coaching/Practice Sessions

8:30pm-9:15pm Stretch, Massage etc.

As you can see, after I eat and travel, there isn't much time to lounge around. It is easy for me to lack time for basic things such as haircuts. For this, hopefully I can be forgiven. Luckily I have a great sponsor in Every Man Jack that keeps my personal hygiene at an acceptable level.

I am happy to be committed to a sport that I love and count myself lucky be studying exercise physiology and working with the tennis team at Toledo. As the old saying goes, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. With that said I am off to pack my bags for another big day tomorrow.