My Top 10 Tips for Winter Triathlon Training (5-1)

With winter storms sweeping through the USA, my top 5 tips for winter triathlon training are just in time. Follow these top tips to ensure a safe and effective finish to you winter triathlon training season. 5. Learn where you can and can’t run.

It is important to be able to tell if the ground is going to be slippery. If there is ice or slippery snow in your way, you will need to run around that area or walk cautiously over it. If in doubt, walk. After a few weeks of running in the winter weather you will become quite good at knowing where you can and cannot run safely.

4. Ensure you have a good set up to ride the trainer.

In order to enhance your time on the trainer you need to make sure you have a good setup. Invest in some good fans to ensure you have good airflow and are able to keep your temperature down. You will probably need more than one. The more airflow the better. Make sure you have something to help you pass the time. Netflix, a movie or music are must haves.

3. Take a hat and gloves with you to the pool.

There is nothing worse than hopping out of the pool and walking to your car in freezing weather while you are still wet. Bundle up to ensure you don’t get too cold and your wet hair doesn’t freeze.

2. Dress to be seen.

As the days become shorter in winter and the weather worsens it becomes more difficult for others to see you. Wear brightly colored clothing and train with lights on your bike or clipped to your clothing to ensure you are seen and are safe.

saucony light
saucony light

A USB light such as this one from Saucony is easy to clip to your clothes and is a great way to be seen in the dark of winter.

1. Enjoy winter.

There will likely come a time where you wish it was a little cooler for your rides or runs. This is the time. Running in fresh snow can be one of the most beautiful things for an endurance athlete. Don’t forget to enjoy it every now and then :)