A Triathlete's Team

This week marks the opening of my 2014 season in Clermont Florida with The Draft Legal Challenge. Preparing for a race makes it clear how necessary it is for a triathlete to have a support team in place in order to be successful. As my triathlon career has continued to grow, so too has my support team. I am thankful to everyone who plays a part in allowing me to do what I do. 1. Friends and family.

Friends and family are the most important piece of the puzzle in being successful as a triathlete. I joked with Bryna as she was leaving town before me this week that I would have no one to do my laundry and pack my bags for me to travel. It is true she is a huge piece of the puzzle that allows me to be successful and for this I am thankful. From simple messages of good luck and congratulations, to advice on tactics and financial assistance, my friends and family are the backbone that keep me going. Behind every successful athlete are caring friends and family that have helped get them there.

2. Coach Brian Stover.

The smartest decision I have made as a triathlete was to invest in coach Brian at accelerate3. Since starting with Brian in September of last year, I have made huge progress in all areas of being a successful athlete. Not only have I significantly improved my physical fitness, I have also become a much smarter and well rounded athlete. My job as an athlete becomes so much easier when I get to the start line and have full belief in my training. As I prepare to toe the line in Clermont this week, I feel confident that I have prepared the best I possibly could in the weeks leading up to the race. If getting a coach is something you are tossing up between, I highly recommend finding someone who knows what they are talking about and is a good fit for you. It is a decision you will not regret.

3. Team Every Man Jack.

Clermont will mark my first race in Every Man Jack colors. For this, I am very excited. Team EMJ has been a huge help in getting me to the line in Clermont. I am excited to be able to stay with my friend, and EMJ team mate Kevin Denny in Florida. This is the kind of thing a team should be about, supporting and helping each other in training and racing. I am thankful to have found a team of a great group of guys that do exactly that. Not only that, team EMJ is backed by some awesome sponsors that allow me to train and race my best. Specialized, GU, Louis Garneau, Rudy Project, Cytomax, Saucony, and Roka have provided me with some of the best equipment in order to race fast and look good while doing it. Finally, with all my training and racing, I need a way to stay smelling good. EMJ is the key. They make great shower, shave and body products that I can not recommend enough. They have been kind enough to offer me a discount code to all my supporters. Take advantage of this great offer and receive 25% off your entire first order at www.everymanjack.com by entering coupon code THORP25 at checkout.