Memphis In May 2014- Pro Debut #mimtri

I had plenty of time to think about my 7th place finish in Memphis during my solo 12 hour drive back to Toledo and I came up with a lot. A lot of nothing. There's nothing really to say about my race other than I need to get back to work, improve and race again. It was OK and that's all there is. I was hoping to do better, but at the same time I am improving every time I race and I'm closing the gap quickly to the top level guys. With 70 seconds separating 4th through 9th it may be understandable why I am at home wanting more out of myself. Click here for RESULTS.

No one wants to hear a race report from an OK race no matter how much they love me. Rather than that, here is my 2014 Memphis in May race report By The Numbers.

  • Miles to race site- 723
  • Water temp race morning- 68.0 (On the number to be wetsuit legal)
  • My starting position- 25. (Time trial start 10 seconds apart).
  • Swim- 18:52
  • T1- 0:55
  • Bike- 54:59 (296W)
  • T2- 0:53
  • Run- 34:41
  • Total Time- 1:50:23
  • Finish Place- 7th
  • Seconds separating 4th and 9th- 73
  • How much shorter was I than everyone else on the podium- A lot.
mim pod
mim pod

On a scale of 1-10

  • How muddy was transition-10

1 being 'it was like the middle of the Australian Outback. No water within cooee'

10 being 'it was like this...

  • How lonely was I on the bike and run course- 8.5

1 being 'It felt like my 1st grade birthday party and all the cool kids showed up.'

10 being 'I felt like I was the last kid being picked for the football team in high school.'

(With a time trial in Memphis, everyone left 10 seconds apart. My last name drew me #24 right between the 1st and 2nd place finishers of the day. When they went a couple of minutes up the road I was left to grind it out alone passing the pro women despite the extremely tight mens race.

  • How satisfied I was with my race- 5

1 being 'I just learned that my 2 million dollar inheritance from my long lost uncle who was a Nigerian Prince was a scam'

10 being 'I felt like a 4 year old on Christmas morning and I got all the presents I wanted'

  • How happy I am my foot held up after battling plantar fasciitis for the past couple of months- 11
  • How much I can't wait to race again- 9.9

1 being 'Well I've done enough exercise for the year, better hang up the shoes.'

10 being 'Can I really pull off squeezing that race in there?'

Big shout out to Every Man Jack for helping me scrub all the mud off my body and my beautiful Speciailized Shiv, Roka Wetsuit and ENVE wheels. Also to Start to Finish Events for doing a great job hosting the race despite tough conditions. One of the most well run events I have been to in a long while.

Back to work and on to bigger and better things.