#Trirockphilly Race Report RAP YO

The next stop of my swim bike run summer schedule was the city of brotherly love. I headed to Philly with hopes of placing high enough to give me a real shot at racing for one of the biggest prize purses in triathlon at the 5150 grand final in Des Moines later in the year. Here's how my race in Philly panned out.


Swim: 17:29


Bike: 58:29

T2: 0:59

Run: 35:04

Time: 1:52:51. 7th Overall.

After a 7th place finish, I'm in with a good shot at qualifying for Hy Vee in Des Moines and looking forward to heading up to Toronto Continental Cup on July 12.

A few huge shout outs have to be given. Firstly to Every Man Jack- Scrubbing race numbers off never smelt so good!

To Accelerate3- because you ALWAYS need to thank and promote your coach. OR ELSE.

Finally, to Kiley and Emily for having us to stay in Philadelphia and to everyone that was out on course yelling at me to go faster, including the clown with the megaphone up one of the climbs, it is always appreciated.