Preparing for Hyvee 5150 Pro Grand Final 2014 #hyveetri

Last weekend I jetted off to Kelowna BC, Canada to race Kelowna PATCO Sprint ITU. There's not much to be said about my race north of the border. I swam well, made some errors and finished 12th, slightly disappointed to leave town without any points. (Results here). I must give a huge thanks to the Frandsen family for having me stay in Kelowna. I couldn't have done the race without their help.

Despite not having the race I had hoped, I had a good weekend. Not only did I get to spend time checking out an awesome town, but I also got news of being accepted into the 30 man pro field at the Hyvee 5150 Grand Final in Des Moines, Iowa on August 31st.

For those of you that don't know, Hyvee is widely renowned as one of, if not the most competitive Olympic distance non-drafting triathlons in the world. It is a race that has been famous for the amount of prize money offered to pros and is somewhere most of the top athletes from around the world look to put on their schedule.

Des Moines is somewhere that holds a place in my heart. After racing my first ever Olympic Distance race there as an age grouper in 2012, I vowed to come back and race again. This idea stuck with me. After taking my elite license in April, I tentatively set the goal of getting on the start line as a pro in Des Moines this year. Obviously getting an invitation to such a big race was a lofty goal for a first year pro that would only be able to race three 5150 races (five races score) due to work commitments, but after finishing 3rd at Mont Tremblant 5150 I gave myself a chance and was able to sneak in as one of the lowest qualifying athletes after roll down.


I am very grateful to have the opportunity to start a big championship race to cap off my first pro season. I like to think reaching this goal shows that believing in yourself and working hard day in, day out pays off. Having said that, I also realize there is a long way to go. I have gained confidence from every race I have done this year and am heading to Des Moines next week with the intention of turning some heads. I must give a huge thanks to those that have believed in me up to this point. The race is long and you have to enjoy the process. As always, if you see me around come say g'day. Until then, stay safe and train hard.