They Say the Darkest Hour is Right Before the Dawn

My luck is about to turn around. I can feel it. For the seven months I have been fighting hard to get back to racing at 100%. There have been hours of rehab, an extremely painful few runs and a long grind to get my fitness from zero to decent. I was starting to feel good about things and although there was a lot of unknown in regards to my run, I was feeling confident that I was about to shake things up in the Australia Day Aquathon. My training in the weeks leading up to the race had been great and for the first time in months I was feeling like an athlete again. That is until the Thursday before the race. Two streets away from being home and finishing my run, I felt a pull in my calf. I've had similar feelings before and usually things clear up overnight so I wasn't too concerned. Apparently I should have been.

Unfortunately, things turned south the day before the race. I headed up to Wollongong with the intentions of hammering out a good result but running the course that day, my calf felt terrible. I cut the run short and went home to rest and do my best rehab. Before bed I laid out my suit and shoes for the morning and went to sleep with the intentions of racing. Unfortunately my calf had other ideas. Waking up on race morning, I made the call to pull the pin and went for a swim session in the Centennial Ocean pool before watching my friends and team mates tear it up.

I'm proud of my decision not to race. As a brash teenager I might not have made the same decision. Sitting here a week and a half later, I am certain watching the race from the sidelines was the right thing to do.  One of my coaches once told me that missing three days now is much better than missing three months later. With big plans for the year, my focus is on rehabbing and water running so I am ready to go in the coming weeks. On that note, there will be no Kinloch next week. I have set my sights on kicking things off in Devonport on the 21st.

Although it's frustrating to withdraw from race after race, I'm getting closer. After all, if we never experience any lows, how would we know when we are experiencing the highs?