What Goes Through My Head During Training?

Undoubtedly, the first question people ask when they find out I'm a triathlete is whether or not I've done an ironman. After I chuckle and kill the conversation with a 'no' and a brief automated response the conversation usually makes it way to the next question 'what do you think about while you're training for all that time?' To me this is a far more interesting question and one I have to think about. Given I have a few weeks of solid training it is also quite relevant. Although every athlete is different and I consider myself a little nuts, spending more time training in a group environment has shown me that a lot of us have similar thoughts during our sessions. Let me share some of the most common with you. While swimming...

'Hm what can I eat when I finish this session?'

'40x100... Well I've done 3 so if I do one more I'll be 10% done. Then only 9 more times of that and I'm finished.'

'Why won't my cap stay on my head properly? There's gotta be a trick to it'

'What can I have for dinner tonight?'

'5 down, 7 to go. What percentage is that?'

'There's gotta be a way to stop goggle fog once and for all'

'I can't wait to go to bed tonight'

'Am I even going to be able to make that send off?'

'Do they really need so many lanes for that?'

'That doesn't seem like much rest'

'Do I have time for a nap today?'

'I should've eaten something else before we started'


While riding...

'Man it's cold, I should've worn more'

'Where is the turn? I swear I should've passed it already'

'Why is there always a head wind?'

'What is that sound my bike is making?'

'I wonder what's down this road'

'Where am I?'

'Do I have time for a nap today?'

'My power meter must be reading low today'

'Is my garmin battery going to make it home?'

'What can I eat when I finish this session?'

'Man it's hot, why'd I wear so much?'

'Don't you dare lose that wheel!'

'Oh crap, that gap is opening'

'Only a couple of times over the horizon and I'm home.'

'How the heck is he riding so fast? He doesn't even shave his legs'

(On being passed by cars) 'Please don't hit me, please don't hit me!'

'I think I need a new bike. I definitely need a new bike'


While running..

'I shouldn't have eaten so much before I started'

'An hour run.. well I've done 5 minutes. Only 11 times that to go.'

'This GPS pace can't be right'

'If I ran that way will there be a bathroom there?'

'What am I doing running up a mountain at 5:30am?'

'Don't you dare drop off this guy!'

'What is that niggling in my calf? What the heck is that? Have I felt this before?'

'I had better turn around and stay close to home just in case'

'Why'd I eat that for dinner last night?'

'What can I eat when I get home?'

So there you have it. Some of the most common thoughts from my workouts. I like to joke that I spend my time solving world peace. Although these thoughts are the most common, there are also times when I do delve into a world of my own. Some of my best ideas and thoughts have come while I've been out training. I feel I have grown a lot as a person since beginning triathlon and no doubt this is part of the reason.

If you have any other common thoughts during your training I'd love to hear them!