Australian Aquathon Championships

The last couple of years have been filled with frustration. Injury after injury has meant more time than I ever imagined watching races from the sidelines. After racing the Corowa triathlon I suffered another couple of setbacks with injury which looked to force more time off. Thankfully after working closely with my Physio, Rob at NSWIS we developed a plan to get back to racing and targeted Aquathon National Championships in Lake Crackenback. Knowing this was a 2.5km run/1km swim/2.5km run we were confident my legs would hold up despite the decreased load. I was cautiously optimistic I’d be able to get through that race but after a couple of sessions looking at my technique with Canberra based running coach Lex Anderson my confidence began to improve.


As the gun went off in Crackenback I was a little unsure what my chances were, I was racing some stiff competition and hadn’t run more than 4kms in weeks. A blowup was highly likely. Ever the optimist I took off and had the lead down towards the end of the last lap. Passing through onto the second lap just behind Nathan Breen and Sam Osbourne before entering T2 slightly behind the 2 leaders.


That is where my problems started. I have always had problems getting my cap on after a run and of course this aquathon was no different with my 3rd place into T2 soon turning into 5th place into the water. With huge confidence in my swim at the moment I set off quickly and managed to get myself back into 3rd by the end of the 1st lap which is how it stayed.


Exiting T2 I had one thing on my mind – technique. Knowing I wasn’t going to be able to muscle my way through the second 2.5kms, I made my focus the cues Lex had given me to ensure I was moving well and set off with a medal in mind. Running up the finish chute to a third place at an elite nationals in front of my family makes the setbacks and hard work worthwhile. Despite the continued injury problems, I refuse to give up and have a strong desire to reach my potential in this sport. With the help and support of an awesome team, I am certain big things are soon to come.