Singapore ASTC

Osaka ASTC

Subic Bay ASTC


Penirth Continenal Champs

Gisborne Conntinental Champs

Australian Capital Triathlon

Wollongong OTU 

Triple Edge Canberra

Milwaukee Super Sprint

The Experience at Frankenmuth


Toronto ITU. Photo Courtesy of Learning Curve Photography Canada



Trirock Philadelphia. Photo Courtesy of @swimbikerunphoto

Mont Tremblant 5150 June 2014

Photos Courtesy of Ironman Mont Tremblant

10177530_499098310191791_5566015241934979090_n 10293597_728070807252000_6004108132075651951_o 10355488_728121040580310_3364057399840802481_o 10371402_727954593930288_5688498592470057400_n 10386895_728070897251991_3507404767088696275_o 10460676_728077820584632_3284292187403932233_o finish MT

Canberra 70.3 December 2013

Miami 70.3 October 2013

USAT Age Group Nationals August 2013

NYC Triathlon July 2013

Honu 70.3 June 2013

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